Proper field care is essential for the best quality mount

Do not leave trophy in direct sunlight

Do not wrap in plastic, unless on ice or in a freezer

Avoid over shooting (excess damage)

When dragging out your trophy, use care to avoid damage to hair. If possible carry out the trophy.

Freeze trophy, or get to the Taxidermist in a timely manner outlined below.

Deer - how to cape for a full shoulder mount

Using a very sharp knife make a cut along the circumference of the body 6 inches behind the back of the front leg, next make a cut around the front legs, 6 inches beneath the body.

Next, make a cut from the leg cut to the circumference cut, following the hairline, where the white hair meets the brown.

Next, make a cut along the spine, starting at the base of the skull, make one long, straight cut to the circumference cut.

Now you can start skinning out the body, go slowly if needed to avoid cutting deeply into the hide or through it, a deep "nick" could turn into a hole at the tannery. Once you get to the base of the skull the head can be cut loose.

Keep in a shady cool place, or in a cooler with ice, take to the Taxidermist within 24 - 48 hours, or place in plastic trash bags and freeze.


Never gut a fish for mounting, once caught keep the fish wet and in a cooler with ice, take to the taxidermist within 24 -72 hours, or wrap in a wet towel, place in several trash bags and freeze. For reproduction fish, take several pictures from different angles, along with the total length and girth measurement.

Small Mammals

For animals Coyote sized and smaller; never gut the animal, Skinning should only be attempted by a qualified individual. For Foxes, Coyotes and Bobcats, take to your Taxidermist within 24 hours, or place in plastic bags and freeze immediately after harvest. Predators will begin to spoil very soon after harvesting, hair slip on the ears and stomach will occur if not properly taken care of. All other small mammals should be frozen or taken to the Taxidermist within 24 - 48 hours.

Large Lifesize

Skinning for a full body mount should only be preformed by an experience individual. One should only attempt if you are in a remote area or for whatever reason you have no other choice.